How to recognise a misogynist dystopia

Women claiming they live in a misogynist dystopia are muddled.

We might speculate on how we might recognise a misogynist dystopia in real life. Perhaps:

  • womens’ suicide rate multiples of mens’, while society fixates on the self-reported unhappiness of men;
  • women experiencing significantly shorter lifespans in all decades, while men receive three quarters of all gender-specific medical research funding;
  • womens’ homelessness an order of magnitude higher than mens’, while charities run by men provide shelters women are denied access to;
  • girls, taught by men, falling further and further behind boys at school and university, and earning less than them in their twenties, while the education system (run by men) fixates on the problems experienced by boys in education;
  • women given longer prison sentences than men for similar crimes, and denied rehabilitation programs reserved for men;
  • women defendants’ careers destroyed by being named in sexual misconduct trials brought by men afforded anonymity and simply believed, denied the right to introduce evidence proving that the man has lied, and forced to pay legal expenses even if proven innocent;
  • paedophile men, perhaps leaders of social movements calculated to manufacture moral panic by claiming that all women are sexually predatory, are exused the crime of raping underage girls on the common understanding (amongst men) that girls enjoy it and are likely to grow up to be rapists themselves.

Of course, in Western society, precisely the opposite it true.

We live in a misandrist dystopia.

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